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Quarterly Update From The Property Management Team – Spring 2018

We are officially out of winter and it is time to reflect on what has happened in the last 3 months.

We have been busy, busy, busy! The annual Ronald McDonald Collection was held and thanks to the generosity of our local community and the rest of the country $35,000 went towards the charities national appeal.

We have been busy keeping with health and safety legislation and implementing this within the office, at our viewings, with contractors and for our tenants to stay ahead of the game and ensure a safer environment for everyone.

There has also recently been the whole debate following the The Gluckman Report on Methamphetamine levels. The existing NZS:8510 guidelines are unchanged from how you understood it to be previously, where 1.5 micrograms is the current level of uninhabitability and we still continue to advise testing before any tenancy and between tenancies.

With the insulation requirements set for July 2019 not far away and we have made contact with all our landlords to work to get properties compliant to avoid a $4,000 fine payable to the tenant. Thank you to all of our landlords who have invested in bringing their properties up to standard so far. A lovely reminder has also been put up on the corner of Ferguson Street and Ashley Street!

Another big topic of discussion has been Asbestos in properties and looking a the best way to approach this in the way of risk management should unexpected damage occur in a tenanted property and Asbestos is exposed. This is a work in progress but we do recommend a proactive approach to having the risk identified.

For any further information on Health and Safety, Methamphetamine or Asbestos please contact the office or your property manager to discuss. 

We have also introduced a Facebook page just for our Property Management sector of Ray White which gives further exposure to available properties, updates on any tenancy legislation changes and a great place to send us a quick message with any questions you may have.

And to conclude, our property manager Bailey Woodman is also a firefighter volunteer and in May took on 1103 steps, 51 floors while carrying 25kgs of gear, along with 800 other firefighters helped raise $1,252,359.31 to help with the fight against leukemia and blood cancer. We have an everyday hero in the team!

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