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Adriana Roys

Business Development Manager - Property Management


Adriana has an extensive Customer Service, Key Account Management and Business Development experience.

She started her professional career as a Production Assistant and Segment Producer in the TV industry. She then decided to change industries and since she loved travelling so much, she took on a 10 year career as a Flight attendant also becoming an onboard manager for a major airline. 

From there she decided to ground herself and became a Key Account Manager for a sports company successfully growing accounts and bringing in new business. 

When Adriana is not working, her family is her priority. In the weekends, you may even see her all leathered up and zooming around on her motorbike. 

Adriana has 5 core personal and professional values that she has lived by all her life that she believes have made her the successful person she has become personally and professionally.

Hard Work, Perseverance, Adaptability and Confidence and Integrity